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Saturday, June 25, 2011

Middle School Space Activities Super Bundle!!!

This Space activity Bundle is AWESOME!  It includes 4 activity Books And a Space Alien Glyph Art Activity!!!
  • Oh My Stars: A mini Activity book about Stars
  • Famous Astronomers Mini Book Cut & Paste Literacy activity
  • My Important Book About Space : A Booklet that is created about the solar system
  • He Hung the Moon! A mini booklet & sequencing activity about the phases of the moon!
  • My Space Alien Glyph activity!  Too COOL!!!!

Friday, June 24, 2011

Back to School Middle School Activities!

This is so totally perfect for middle schoolers!!! You have them predict what their "MASH future" will be first, then have them play the game..afterwards, they will write and illustrate about their results! You can post them around the room or have them share! My kids love this activity!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Middle School Shark Lesson Activities!

This Science & Literacy Unit explores the world of sharks by going through their adaptations, 6 of the most common types of Sharks, 10 most popular Fact/Fiction, a Shark Attack Graphing Activity, Shark Word Scramble, and a Shark story starter!  Super Shark Fun!

Middle School Science: Gene Activity, My Gene Monster!


This is a Fabulous activity to do as a follow up or intro to a study about inheriting Dominant & Recessive Genes!  The students are introduced to Both types of genes in a VERY SIMPLE fashion to make it SO easy to comprehend, then will "build" their Gene Monster based on the results of flipping a penny for each trait of the Monster!!! TOOOOO Fun!!!!

Friday, June 17, 2011

Elementary Camping Math Activities!


This adorable Math Detective problem solving activity will engage the students with its neat mystery they will try to solve as they work a series of 5 math story problems to finally solve the mystery! Too Cute and very entertaining..get your Math Detectives excited about solving the Mystery of the Crazy Camping Adventure...and watch out for the BEARS!!!!!

Middle School Tornado Activity

With this outbreak of recent Tornadoes, it is a great time to tap into students interest in current events by exploring what is happening around them! This activity pack includes:

A powerpoint slideshow "All About Tornadoes"

A Tornado Fact or Fiction Activity

A Tornado Fujita Scale Activity

A question sheet to go along side the "All About Tornadoes" slideshow

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Middle School Science: Water Cycle Activity FUN!

This Super Water Cycle Activity Pack Includes an awesome Water Cycle experiment that makes it RAIN right there infront of YOU! It also includes a FUN Dice Game, "The Journey of a Water Drop," that has the student roll the dice to see where they will land on their journey through the water cycle...Then, they must record their travels and then write and illustrate a story about their journey as a drop of water! Awesome activity to really engage the students and help them understand the various processes involved in our wonderful water cycle! My kids really enjoy this!