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Thursday, December 10, 2015

Grinch Friendship Kindness Activity

I did this with my Middle Schoolers and it was an awesome activity that even THEY loved-why?  Because they were ENGAGED!!!!!!  I really put my whole heart into this when I created it :-)  I hope you Love it!

If you Give the Grinch your Friendship

This Activity is inspired by Laura Numeroff's adorable "If you Give.." books
and becomes a wonderful Literacy and Character Education Lesson all about
friendship, kindness and LOVE! This pack includes a variety of different
choices to do the activities, depending on the level your students are at in
their writing etc. I am so excited about this Super CUTE Grinch activity and am
even planning to do it with my middle schoolers next week as we kick off a
Grinch week at my campus.
Here is what is included:
  • "If you give the Grinch your Friendship," Individual booklet activity where
    the students write their own ideas on each page and illustrate their words

  • "If you give the Grinch your Friendship," Grinch Craftivity and writing
    prompt. (the Grinch is made of hearts) super sweet! Examples and directions all

  • A List of Story Starters, created by Me, that you can use to have your
    younger students write and then illustrate in a 10 page booklet.(or if you just
    want to make it Easy on yourself, or you dont have as much time to let them come
    up with their own story)

  • Pre- Engagement activities to get the students thinking in
    the right direction before they begin the main activitiy: "How to be a
    friend to a Grinch brainstorming, "Why do you think the Grinch is mean and acts like a bully?" Why is it important to be kind and loving to others, especially bullies? " A "How To" writing activity of "How to be a friend to the Grinch."

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